Men’s garb


This is the male equivalent of the women‘s Bollenhut garb. In contrast to the women‘s elaborately designed festival garbs, the men‘s outfifit is verysimple. Like the women‘s outfifit, it is only worn on Sundays and for festivals.

This garb is primarily black in color. It comprises black trousers, a white, long-sleeved linen shirt (sometimes with embroidered initials), a black, doublebreasted velvet waistcoat with lapels, a black bow tie and a rounded, wide-brimmed, black velvet hat.

The men‘s garb is rounded off by a knee-length coat. The simple yet striking color combination of the black outer fabric made of fifine velvet and the red woolen lining is exceptional.

However, the villages in which Bollenhut garbs are worn have different requirements for colors and materials. Whereas men in Gutach wear a black velvet coat with red lining made from the same material as the women’s underskirt, Reichenbach requires a blue overcoat with green lining.

FORESTADENT - Made in Black Forest - Men’s garb Gutach

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