Women’s garb


The „Hörnerkappe“ is worn in the Markgräflerland region in the far south west of Germany, where it is called a „Chappe“ in the local dialect. Its striking bow is approximately 50 cm wide and is reinforced with wire.

It is pinned to a hair net with a tiny cap. The knot of the bow, which is the width of a hand, is positioned in the middle above the parting.However, the long silk fringes at the ends are the really exquisite part of the Markgräfler cap.

In addition to the cap, the main focus of the garb is the silk shawl. The important considerations are to ensure that is adorned correctly, the cloth is falling in the correct way, the fringes are tended to and it is wrapped correctly. This was previously used as a way of demonstrating your wealth.

The black dress is usually made from crepe satin. While it was once extremely colorful, this garb is now almost entirely in a ceremonial black. It is almost exclusively worn on special occasions.

FORESTADENT - Made in Black Forest - Women’s garb Markgräfler

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