Men’s garb


The knee breeches are made of Corduroy. To be more precise, it is a rough Corduroy similar to that used in the well-known carpenter‘s trousers.

The raftsmen‘s garb also includes black knee socks, a black, double-breasted gilet with wooden buttons and a traditional black jacket with holding straps fiand decorative buttons. The final touch is a wide-brimmed leather hat.

We will probably never know when people started to transport wood from the expanses of the Black Forest on the headwaters of the rivers Kinzig and Wolf. As dictated by the laws of the market, this unused surplus wood needed to be taken to places where there was a shortage of wood.
Consequently, transportation by water emerged as the quickest and only option for transporting logs from the remote valleys of the mountain range.

FORESTADENT - Made in Black Forest - Men’s garb Raftsmen

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